Planning a trip to Disney World is a great way for the family to have some fun. There are also many people that plan their family reunions every year in Orlando. It can be a very exciting time to bring them both together. It’s no secret that there’s no better way to bring a family together than through a family reunion.

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A family reunion is a special time that allows family members to catch up on what’s new and going on in their lives, to reminisce about the good old days, and to just spend some quality time and fun, together. And one of the most talked about and enjoyed times of a family reunion is the eating and the food. You can make it more memorable and special by celebrating the occasion with delicious food catered from King Jones BBQ & Soul-food Catering Service.

Although it’s nice for the family to bring in the food and have “Uncle Bob” fire up the grill, but why make him do all the cooking…let him enjoy the fun too by having King Jones BBQ & Soul-food Catering Service provide you a great catering menu.

Our BBQ Catering menu, by the way, is our most popular. When choosing from our BBQ Catering menus for a family reunion, you have options like our infamous King Jones BBQ & Soul-food Catering Service fried chicken wings, BBQ pork ribs, pulled-pork, beef brisket, Jalapeno Cracking Muffins, and Whole BBQ Chickens, to choose from.

By having us cater your event, everyone can enjoy the whole day without any worries, maybe even take in some of the fun at the Walt Disney resort.

Some individuals think that their budget won’t allow them to have their event catered, especially if they have a large group, but that’s what they think. King Jones BBQ & Soul-food Catering Service can still provide you with the luxury of catered food. You don’t have to worry if you have a large group or are on a budget because we have options available to suit your needs. We offer our economically priced catering menus.

With these catering menu options you will get everything you need to feed your group starting out at only $10 a person. There are a variety of combinations to choose from. Take a few minutes to review our Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum packages.

“Whole Pig Roast”

Some family reunions prefer to have a more exotic or lavish catered service, like our delicious “Whole Pig Roast”. If you really want to make your family reunion a truly memorable one, call King Jones BBQ & Soul-food Catering Service today for specific pricing and details of our delicious “Whole Pig Roast” menu. Our staff will roast a whole pig right in our grill and serve it to your family and guests.

Condiments & Accessories

We also provide the essentials and beyond that a family reunion would need. Such things as tables, linens, entertainment, games, and so much more. If you’re looking for a venue or place to hold your next family reunion, we’ll provide you the best venue recommendations for the size of your group and your budget.

Call King Jones BBQ & Soul-food Catering Service now at (407) 285.3542 or you can fill out our catering request form and one of our friendly coordinators will get back to you promptly!

Don’t forget to check out our family reunion checklist so that you can rest assured you haven’t forgotten a thing.