Our event planners have requisite expertise to plan auspicious events even from hazy statements. They will only need to ask you the right questions to allow them to cover all dimensions of your event. King Jones BBQ & Soul-food Catering Service applies health and safety measures with utmost sternness and offers a comprehensive event insurance coverage to minimize any liabilities for clients, church or company. For the same price tag (even less for some events) offered by restaurants, we offer all these benefits and a personalized attention and excel all our competitors in Florida event catering.


As a catering service provider in Orlando FL, the world’s leading vacation center, we have ensured that our doors are open to all event coordinators. So, whether you are planning to take a team or group of people to the trade shows at the Convention Center or simply wants to plan for a memorable cuisine for your vacation,¬†King Jones BBQ & Soul-food Catering Service will help you to make every moment special. We have a wealth of experience in catering for events at the Convention center and will be able to use our links and staff to brighten your day.


King Jones BBQ & Soul-food Catering Service offers quality and memorable food. We help companies that intend to build consistent and lasting brand recognition to contract our services on a long-term basis. Churches, which conduct a number of meetings per year, can really benefit from long-term use of our unwavering services for all their conventions and multi-day events. Corporate organizations, which intend to give the best treat to their board members, partners and important clients at competitive prices, can reduce the logistical and financial challenges involved by employing our services.


Do you want to make your corporate or church events memorable? Never try the gambles provided elsewhere. Pick up your phone or come in person to our Orlando FL restaurant for free help with event planning. At King Jones BBQ & Soul-food Catering Service we believe that corporate ties are fortified through outstanding catering.